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At this time we have no planned litters


If you're interested in getting one of our pups please fill out our application. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee you a puppy from a future litter.  This is just to get to know you better. Successful applications will be added to our waitlist.

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PTN, PTS, Laurelwood's River Song

Naiya is a full sister of our Xe'Nedra and is a lovely and sweet little girl who shows a lot of promise! Naiya recently started competing in Nosework and shows incredible drive. 

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AC., AV., NN., PTE., Laurelwood's Xe'Nedra of Riva

Born July 20th, 2017 Xe'Nedra is the daughter of our Gallifrey and Samisgunn's Nordic Odin.

CeCe has a natural affinity for scent detection; already achieving three High in Trials, her Novice Nosework Title, and her Advance Vehicle and Advance Container titles after just four competitions, and is showing promise in dock diving and as an agility dog. She is also currently training in American Foulbrood detection to help local beekeepers protect their honey bees.

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Laurelwood's Once Upon a Time SGDC, AGDC

Born July 29, 2011. Gallifrey is everything we've been working towards. With beauty, brains, and an unbelievable drive to work she loves to be wherever the action is. Gali competes in agility and is in training for dock diving and scent detection. 

Gali is the daughter of Laurelwood's Northern Aurora (Rori) and Pinebank Tannerforge Nacho Man (Nacho)

Gali currently competes in Agility and Dock Diving. She was the 2018 Junior dock diver winner of the Eukanuba Performance Games. 

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SC., AC., AI., NN., PTE., Pinebank's Onitagain Laurelwood SGDC

Born Jan 21, 2011. Onyx is a beautiful and gentle soul. She's also a versatile worker and has displayed a willingness to work in a number of sports; including agility, field, dock diving, and scent detection. 
Onyx is out of Susie Bell's (Pinebank Labradors) Canu and Phantom

Onyx currently shows in Agility and Scent Detection. She recently earned her Novice Nosework title and has 4 High in Trials. Onyx has also participated in the University of Guelph's College Royal Show 

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Laurelwood's Northern Aurora SGDC, ADC

Affectionately known as our energizer bunny Rori had an undeniable work ethic. She competed and trained in Rally-O, Obedience, and Agility

Rori was out of Laurelwood's Lady Emma and Ginander's Byrce Canyon

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Laurelwood's Ain't Misbehavin'

Born May 13, 2002-September 26, 2017. Piper was, for many years, our resident fun police. Always quick to tell the others when things got a little too wild. Over the years she helped teach numerous Laurelwood litters all the best place to find sticks to chew, and where the best sun patches for snoozing could be found. 

Piper is a daughter of Adamsway's June Laurel and Franklin Hills Niles

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Adamsway's June Laurel

Born June 18, 1999 Laurel was our foundation bitch and our kennel is named in her honor. She had an undeniable joy for life and her mischievous nature and good looks got her both in and out of trouble! Laurel lived and breathed Obedience and Rally-O and while she definitely liked to play agility she had a tendency to "go rogue" and do her own thing on the courses! She was often accused of "being too smart for her own good." Her unique sense of humour and personality live on in her descendants to this dayLaurel sadly passed away in 2013 at the age of 14 after playing nursemaid to a number of litters

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Our Girls: About Me
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